The Worshipfull Joseph Wilson's Returns, Jan. 19th, 1778

Nicholls, John Hayman
Low, David
Medley, William
Nicholls, Thomas
Baily, John
Farmer, John
Jordon, James
Lilley, William
Smith, Basil
Peack, Thomas
Offutt, Zackh.
Dawson, John
Oneill, Henry
Gaither, Burgess
Roberts, Basil
Harding, Clement
Chesher, John Nicholls
Nicholls, Archibald
Davis, Leonard
Fisher, Martin
Nicholla, Ninian
Wilson, Jonathan
Pritchett, William
Barber, Samuel
Magruder, Zaak
Williams, William, Jr.
Williams, William, Sr.
Brooke, Richard
Beans, Christopher
Beckwith, John
Crampkin, Thos. Jr.
Beall, Clement
Harbin, Joshua
Magruder, John B.
Orme, James
Magruder, Nathan
Allison, Thomas
Williams, Amos
Crabb, Richard
Allison, Jonathan
Williams, Charles
Woolton, Richard
Dod, James
Beckwith, William,
Whitaker, Alexa.
Benjamin, Abram
Williams, Elisha Owen
Prather, Aaron
Griffith, Chas. Gray
Bayne, Balter
Magruder, Isaac
Howe, Paul
Butt, Rignuld
Watson, Henry
Casey, Philip
Rickette, Benjamin, Jr.
Prather, Azariah
Onaill, William
Brome, John
Randell, John
Nichols, Benjamin (of Wm.)
Sanshury, Thomas
Allison, John
Dyar, Thomas
Coyl, Samuel
Sisilend, William
Allison, Benjamin
Colgan, Michael
Elock, Robt.
Brome, Peter
Nicholls, Samuel
West, William (of John)
Nicholls, Edward
Dowe, Robt.
West, Basil
Burton, Joseph
Coyl, Charles
West, Osborn
Griffith, Hezh.
Perry, James
Casey, Leven
Watts, John
Reintzel, Andrew
Peack, Lewis
Kirk, Thomas
Beckwith, Basil
Offutt, Nathl. (of Sam.)
Busey, Edward
Ricketts, Jacob
West, Benjamin
Busey, Paul
Tole, Stephen
West, Joseph, Jr.
Chapman, William
Sweraringer, Thomas
Offutt, Saml. Owen
Rhoades, Jacob
Hadley, James
Beall, James (of Ninn.)
Che?, Joseph
Crofford, Nathaniel,
Hinton, John
Clarke, William
Low, Patrick
Offutt, William Mackle
West, Joseph
Crofford, Robert Beall
Peack, Benj.
Rhoades, John
Willett, Benjamin
Baily, Nicholas
Busey, Charles
Allison, Richard
Hurdle, Lawrence
Lozenby, John
Hawker, Amberos
Tomson, Zackh.
Reintzel, Jacob
Callihan, Richard
Dunn, Thomas
Lowery, William
Crofford, John Sutton
Onaill, John
Boyd, William
Warger, Richd.
Butt, Richard
Stoner, Jacob
Hews, Nathl.
Lannom, Ralph
Boyd, John
Lucker, Stephen
Stewart, Mordecai
Prather, Walter
Shaw, John
Dyer, Samuel
Prater, Zaccai
Adams, Alexd.
Sweny, Owen
Holland, Thomas
Allison, Richd.
Williams, John
Jones, John
Peach, James
Pritchett, Charles
Lowmen, Thomas
Duckett, Isaac
Allison, Charles
Gatton, William
Willson, Alexa.
Smith, Nicholas
Anderson, John
Perry, Chas.
Boyd, Abraham
Harriss, Nathan
Gatton, Richd.
Ricketts, Thomas
Suter, James
Gatton, Zackariah
Carnole, Samuel
Bailey, John, Jr.
Griffith, George
Green, William
Maquess, John
Robertson, Wm.

In submission to the General Assembly of Maryland Relative to an Act passed at a late Session in regard to Taking the Oath of Affirmation of Fidelity and Support to this State; I do Certify that all these afsd Subscribers have voluntarily made their Personel Appearance before me one of the Majestrates of Montgomery County and have taken and repeated the afsd Prefixed Oath as afsd and Subscribed their names and marks thereto agreeable to directions of said act. Given under my hand this 2nd day of March A. D. 1778.