JUNE 1844

Members of the wagon train led by Col. Nathaniel Ford of Howard County, Missouri. Col. Ford was accompanied by his wife, six children, and five slaves. This group left Independence, Mo. about the first of June and expected to join General Gilliam's company on the Nimshaw River in about two weeks. From the Boonville, Mo., Register, 11 June 1844.

Adams, Thomas M., Norwich, Conn.
Gorden, William, Platte Co., Mo.
Alderman, Mr., Geneseo Co., N.Y.
Hannah, George W. and wife, Jackson Co.,Mo.
Birch, Charles, Chariton Co., Mo.
Black, William L., Alabama
Harrison, John, England
Blakeley, Amos, Fulton Co., Ill.
Haward, James, wife, 4 ch., Jackson Co., Mo.
Brien, Hugh, Platte Co., Mo.
Hicks, William, Trumbull Co., Ohio
Buzzard, Nathan, Iowa
Hogue, E. G., Warren Co., Ill.
Boyd, Robert and 5 ch., Cooper Co., Mo.
Holt, Thomas, England
Burrett, Joseph M., Jackson Co., Mo.
Humphries, Norris, Andrew Co., Mo.
Chase, William, Platte Co., Mo.
Hunt, James, LaPorte Co., Ind.
Chrisman, Joel, wife, 8 ch., Jackson Co., Mo.
Jackson, Gabriel, Chariton Co., Mo.
Clark, William, Onandaga Co., N.Y.
Jenkins, Willis, wife, 5 ch., Jackson Co., Mo.
Clyman, James, Milwaukee, Wisc.
Jillett, Joel, Jackson Co., Mo.
Cordell, Peter and wife, Henry Co., Mo.
Johnson, Daniel and wife, Tippecanoc Co.,Iowa
Cordell, T., wife, 2 ch., Henry Co., Mo.
Cordell, Daniel, Platte Co., Mo.
Davenport, Alfred, Circleville, Ohio
Johnson, James, Jefferson Co., Ky.
Johnson, James. wife, child., Tippecanoe Co.,Iowa
Dick, Augustus, Henry Co., Mo.
Dotey, N. R., Monroe Co., N.J.
Ehrenberg, Herman, New Orleans
Lee, Barton, wife, 2 ch., Bloomington, Iowa
Embury, Carey D., wife, child, Howard Co., Mo.
Long, James, Platte Co., Mo.
McGinnis, James, Jersey Co., Ill.
Evans, David, Clark Co., Ind.

Richard, wife, 4 ch., Platte Co.,Mo.
Evans, Henry, wife, 2 ch., Jackson Co.,
Evans W. B., Clark Co. Ind.
Malin, D. J., Platte Co., Mo.
Everhart, Lazarus, St. Joseph Co.,
Minter, William H., Monroe Co., Va.
Finman, Alarson, Chenango Co., N.Y.
Morin, Labin S., Jackson Co., Mo.
Ford, Henry, Howard Co., Mo.
Mulkey, James L. wife, 8 ch., Buchanan Co.,Mo.
Freeland, Raleigh, Platte Co., Mo.
Freeland, William, Platte Co., Mo.
Mulkey, Wesley and wife, Platte Co., Mo.
Gardner, Samuel J., Jackson Co., Mo.
Murry, Selden, Hancock Co., Ill.
Gilbert, Newton, Fulton Co., Ill.
Neal, Aldy, and 8 ch., Taney Co., Mo.
Gillaspie, William, Erie Co., Pa.
Neal, Alex, wife, 4 ch., Taney Co., Mo.
Goff, D., wife, 2 ch., Chariton Co., Mo.
Neal, Peter, wife, 4 ch., Taney Co., Mo.
Goodwin, William H., Hartford, Conn.
Neal, Calvin and wife, Henry Co., Mo.
Olds, Ruzel, wife, 4 ch., Tippecanoe Co., Iowa
Saffron, Henry, Howard Co., Mo.
Iowa Smith, Hezekiah, Texas
Packwood, Elisha, Linn Co., Mo.
Smith, Noyes, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Packwood, Samuel, Linn Co., Mo.
Smith, Peter, wife, 5 ch., Pulaski Co., Mo.
Packwood, William, wife, 4 ch., Linn Co., Mo.
Snook, P., wife, 5 ch., Newton Co., Mo.
Mo. Snowden, Samuel D., England
Parkly, John D., Hancock Co., Ill.
Stevens, James, wife, 3 ch., Hancock Co., Ill.
Perkins, Eli and wife, Tippecanoe Co., Iowa
Stone, Joshua, Platte Co., Mo.
Perkins, Joel, Tippecanoe Co., Iowa
Tuller, Jeremiah, Franklin Co., Ohio
Perkins, John, wife, 4 ch., Tippecanoe Co., Iowa
Vadings, Elijah, Chariton Co., Mo.
Walker, Samuel, wife, 5 ch., Jackson Co.,Mo.
Perrin, M. P., Windsor Co., Conn.
Priest, Albert, Baltimore, Md.
Warmbrough, M., Warren Co., N.Y.
Pulliam, William, Howard Co., Mo.
West, W., Montgomery Co., Ill.
Ramsey, Huston, Platte Co., Mo.
Witch, James, wife, 2 ch., Bloomington, Iowa
Robinson, B. M., Peoria Co., Ill.
Wilcox, Latimore, Jackson Co., Mo.
Robinson, Thomas, Texas
Williams, Percy, Vermillion Co., Ill.
Robson, E. M., Jackson Co., Mo.
Williamson, Henry W., LaPorte Co., Ind.
Rowlands, Jeremiah, wife, child., Pulaski Co.,Mo.

In company with the above were Mr. Bequet, a mountain trader bound for Fort Laramie, whose company included 12 men, 14 horses, 32 mules, and 8 carts.