The Worshipful William Deakins', Jr., Returns

Beall, Zepheniah
Reynolds, William
Tucker, John (son of Edwd.)
Beall, Nin

Tucker, John
Darby, Asa

Buckland, John
Dowden, Zepheniah
Read, John

Martin, Samuel
Winaon, Isaac
Dougherty, John

Gazaway, Charles
Tracy, Charles
Greenwell, Bennett

Smith, Samuel
Broadack, Joseph
Chilton, Sturman

Kirby, Enock
Cook, Richard
Ray, Benjamin
Allphin, Edward
Pancoast, Oden
Offutt, Samuel
Watkins, John, Jr.
Countz, Henry
Gilkay, Samuel
Blackmore, William
Roberts, Richard
Dove, Benjamin
Mills, Jessee
Denniss, William
Clagett, Alexander
Nicholls, Thomas
McDaniel, Elisha
Noe, Peter
Dowden, Thomas, Jr.
Elliott, Mark
Beall, Thomas (of George)
Nicholls, Thomas, Jr.
Walter, Clemen
Beall, Alexander
Holmes, John
Fife, Abijah
Tracy, Alexander
Dowden, Zachariah
Broadhead, Thomas
Barnes, John
Clark, Richard
Doron, John
Beall, Leven
Clark, Clement
Tucker, Jonathan
Mockebee, John
Clark, Edward
Brown, Edward
Clagett, John, Jr.
Smith, Peter
Pelly, James
Ward, Benjamin (of Joseph)
Waters, James
Moore, James
Thompson, John
Adair, William
Wowden, Michael
Campbell, John
Drake, Robert
Butler, Tobias
Evans, William
Chambers, James
Sherbutt, Thomas
Chambers, Henry
Arnold, Josephas
Dyson, Maddox
Jones, Thomas
Allison, James
McDade, Daniel
Therlkeld, Joseph
Dowing, Francis
Barnes, Joseph
Fields, John
Bragg, William
Murphy, Darby
Freeman, Richard
Brown, William
Chambers, William
Harper, Francis
Orme, Archd.
McKintosh, Alexander
Harper, Francis, Jr.
Stephens, Michael
Thompson, William
Clifford, Hugh


I do hereby Certify that the aforegoing List is a just and true Copy of the Book kept by me for the purpose of Administering the Oath of Fidelity and Support to this State, and that the persons therein mentioned have taken repeated and Subscribed the said Oath.