The Worship full Chrs. Cruso's Returns.

A True Copy of the Free Male Taxibils of Sharpsburgh and Lower Antietam Hundred. I do hereby Certify that the hereafter foloing hath Voluntarily taken and Subscribed to Oath of Allegience and Fidelity as Directed by an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Maryland Passed the 5th day of Feb. 1777.

Witness my hand and Seal the 2d Day of March, 1778


Sharpsburgh Hundred

Cohan, Levy
Hethrick, Vernon
Kiphart, John
Reynolds, Joseph (son of John)
Bremick, Daniel
Hybargor, Abraham
Fox, George

Brown, Edward
Walker, William

Hyms, Andrew
Dick, Peter
Smith, Joseph

Marker, Michael
Meyer, Michl. Sr.
Reynolds, John, Jr.

Macsgemer, John
Flick, William
Kupro, Philip

Steward, Thomas
Fitch, James
Baker, Mark

McColough, Samuel
Hoffman, Richard
Wilkins, John

Baker, Abraham
Hill, James
Chapline, Moses

Knote, John
Tussy, Jacob
Stewart, James

Reynolds, Francis
Meyer, George
Smith, Lorance

Fox, Frederick
Brown, James
Shepard, Thomas

Norman, James
Chapline, Jerimiah
Walter, William

Neith, Thomas
Tamin, Ambroce
Lingenfelter, Abraham
Meyer, Peter
Pofsenbarger, John

Ewart, James
Ham, Peter
Rockenback, Jacob
Widmyer, William

Meyer, Lodowick
Meyer, Jacob
Nervill, William, Jr.

Wilson, Walter
Nervill, Joseph

Hybargor, Conarod
Meyer, Adam
Bradford, William

Kifer, George
Piper, Jacob (farmer)
Jackson, Hugh

Hill, Peter
Kretoor, Leonard
Kuhno, Frederick

Kuhns, Mathias
Pofsenbargor, Valentine
Read, William

Smith, George
Hershman, Phillip
Peek, George

Helfenstone, Nicholas
Flick, Adam
Guselor, Phillip

Deal, Philip
Millor, David
Spang, Leonard

Deal, George
Waggoner, Phillip

Power, Edward
Sandman, Jacob
McKoy, Thomas

Spangler, Mathew
Hyms, John
Shop, Jacob

Batos, Philip
Wise, Peter
Bohrer, George

Beall, Basil
Stridor, Kilian
Chapline, James

Sam, Nicholas
Yeats, John

Lower Antetom Hundred

Serlott, Nicholas
Teter, Jacob
Schloser, Henry
Bargman, Jacob

Kurts, Christopher, Jr.
Waters, George
Mack, Jacob

Nichells, John
Musgraves, Henry
Nichodamus, Conarad

Worley, Francis
Brunner, John
Bargman, Frederick

Turner, James
James, Grifet
Knockel, Frederick

Ross, David
Mogemer, Lodowick
Sholly, Adam

Moonehead, Joseph
Gladhill, William
Hethrick, John

Billmyer, Leonard
Grunt, Adam
Karns, John

Sylaser, Michael
Patrick, William

Miller, Christian
Allen, James
Odonel, John

Loker, Peter
Midolealf, John
Shally, Peter

Loker, Michael
Loin, Martin
Bucker, Phillip

Kimbol, William
Placker, Samuel

I do Certify that those below mentioned has solemnly, Sincerely, truely and affirm to the Oaths above mentioned. Before me