The Worship full Andw. Bruce's Returns

Barritt, Lemuel
Luman, Joshua
McLoney, Alexander
Logsdon, William

Luman, Barton
Salmon, Christopher
Durbin, John

Mackenzie, Samuel
Cardry, Thomas
Guest, James

Tarwalter, Jacob
Harden, Larin
Warring, Thomas

Woolback, Adam
Salmon, Daniel
Nicholas, Joseph

Schultz, Jacob
Hanes, John
Kelly, George

Clinton, Charles
Woolback, Godfrey
Davison, Lewis

Humphry, Thomas
Constable, John
Mattingly, Richard

Durbin, Nicholas
Luman, John
Davis, Joshua

Mackenzie, Daniel
Luman, Moses
Mattingly, Joseph

Porter, Henry
Lemaster, Isaac
Chinoth, Richard

Carter, Denis
Mattingly, Henry
Tomlinson, John

Trotter, Loudon
Barkshire, "Johnse"
Gregg, Robert

Coulson, Charles
Chinoth, Thomas
Glasner, John

Leane, Henry
Ward, Edward
Davis, Samuel

Lazier, Joseph
Plummer, John
Durbin, Edward

Lazier, John
Due, Andrew
Mackenzie, Gabriel

Plummer, Thomas
Luman, Caleb
Mackenzie, Aaron

Rice, Andrew
House, Andrew
Richardson, George

Hill, James
Wilson, Edward
Nichole, John

Valentine, Frederick
Winfield, William
Constable, Stephen

Durbin, William
Workman, Joseph
Constable, Thomas

Aller, George
Workman, Stephen
Mattingly, Barnet

Haagland, James
Workman, Andrew
Simpkins, Dickinson

Durbin, Samuel
Workman, John
Swank, David

Kennedy, John
Workman, Isaac
Simpkins, Dickenson, Sr.

Connar, Timothy
Marsner, Joseph

Washington County, 2d March 1778

I Certify to the Honorable the Governor and Council, that the Within persons gave their affirmation to and subscribed the Oath of Fidelity to the State of Maryland according to the Act of Assembly and that this is a true Copy of the Book kept by me for that purpose and delivered to the Clerk of this County as ordered.